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Can I Trust Independent Online Casino Reviews?

Many of you have often wondered how an online casino works? How can we trust the regularity and honesty of an online casino? These are all legitimate questions to ask yourself, given the fact that there is no live distribution of BlackJack cards or the launch of the Roulette ball. In this article we want to give you more information about the system on which the online casino is based and which guarantees the honesty of the online casino itself. If you can Independent Online Casino Reviews then surely you will have a perfect deal.

You may have already heard of software that generates series of numbers randomly, without following any pattern. Well this kind of software, a random number generator, also called Random Number Generator is the software that is the basis of the online casino.

  • Software is based on a complex algorithm that is able to generate a completely random sequence of numbers and finds great application in online gaming, from online casinos to bingo, from lotteries to poker. This software guarantees the randomness of each Giro to the online slot machine or of every roll of the roulette ball online.

The online slot machines

For example, for a 3-reel video slot with 10 physical stops per roll, we can get up to 1,000 different combinations (10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000). The combinations you get are called “cycles”. This does not mean that there is a pattern or path that the slot machine follows or that there are cycles of winning or losing. The probability that a combination will be selected is always 1 in 1,000 and is calculated each time on the single bet, without taking into consideration the previous bets.


At this point we can debunk the myths of some methods, such as that of doubling or red and black, since the history of the bets that went out previously will not influence the outcome of the next game. 10 blacks can be released in a row at online roulette but this does not make the probability of the red top out. The probability will always be the same. It is like a coin toss, the probability that it comes out head is always 50%, even if for 10 throws in a row cross came out. You can test the odds yourself from this program. The random number generator works like this: every spin of reels at the online slot machine or ball throwing at online roulette is completely independent of the previous or next one. There is a reason why it is said that Roulette has no memory.