Reasons Why Rainbow Riches Mobile Slot is Exciting to Play

Whether you are in a live or online casino, there is one thing that you consider because it does not need the skill to win – slots. Between live and online casinos, most prefer online slots because it is full of bonus rounds keeping the player engaged. In online slots, even the low rollers have the chance to play for much less.

If you are seeking an online slot game, you could check here and get further details or you can instantly consider Rainbow Riches mobile slot. Why Rainbow Riches? Here are the reasons why you need to experience it:

It is one of the most popular video slots in the UK

You should know that Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular video slots in the United Kingdom. It was launched in 2005 making it one of the first online slots to be launched in the casinos.

There are many reasons why it is one of the most preferred online slots. Players can bet a minimum of £10 in every spin. There are many fun symbols, which can be lined up to have a payout – you need to line up three matching symbols from the left to right. There are ten paylines that can deliver for 18 winning combinations. For the maximum betting, players can bet as much as £400. If you get lucky and have a screen full of Rainbow Riches symbols, you can take home jackpot amount of 4000x the original bet.

It has a fun-filled theme

Rainbow Riches is an Irish-inspired slot game. It features a friendly leprechaun as the main character who appears on the game screen. With this, the leprechaun is considered the game’s brand ambassador. You will have fun just merely listening to every spin because it sounds like someone is sprinkling magic dust over the five reels.

It has an additional “Gamble” feature

You must know that the game offers additional Gamble Feature. This will give you the opportunity to click the “Gamble” button, which means bonus wins if lucky. Upon reaching the “Gamble” screen, you will see a wheel indicating the amount you can win if you get lucky. 

It has plenty of bonuses

On top of the “Gamble” feature, there are other thrilling moments that you should look forward to Rainbow Riches. For instance, there’s a Road to Riches bonus. This bonus allows you to grab your pot of gold. For this, you can win 500x your stake. If you get lucky to make it to the end of the road, you can win a huge pot of gold.

You are also given access to the Wishing Well. This will increase your chances of winning by triggering the corresponding bonus. Once the bonus is on, there’s a symbol that starts showing Pick Me. For this, you need to pick them revealing the multipliers. On lining up the gold pots give you a chance to get 50x the original bet.

It is good to know that you could try this link and grab more info. Now that you know the reasons why Rainbow Riches mobile slot is exciting to play, you can get started immediately.